Art is a one-semester elective class that Elm students may be assigned to depending on their schedules and the scheduling needs of the school.

The class is taught separately to 7th and 8th graders. Students taking the class alternate every other day with physical education/health.

Our instruction is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts.

At Elm Middle School, the curriculum is designed to grow artists. Curriculum content is designed specifically for the age group, centered on the developmental task of constructing a sense of identity.

Students are challenged to make art organized around big concepts but to imbue their artwork with personal meaning.

To support the creative process students build background knowledge in a concept, examine and respond to artworks made by masters, professionals and untrained artists from diverse groups, and work in a range of media.

Students are then provided with the opportunity to engage in an authentic art-making experience, functioning as artists and not simply as art students.