Art is a one-semester elective class that Elm students may be assigned to depending on their schedules and the scheduling needs of the school.

The class is taught separately to 7th and 8th graders. Students taking the class alternate every other day with physical education/health.

Our curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts.

Instruction focuses on four areas of study:

► Art criticism — learning how to observe, analyze and evaluate an art work
► Art history — learning how to place an art work within its historical and cultural contexts
► Art production — learning the processes and techniques for creating an art work
► Art aesthetics — learning how to think about an art work within a theory

Students learn how to use the elements of color, line, value, texture, shape, form and space.  They learn how to combine these elements to create works that embody the principles of balance, unity, harmony, pattern, contrast and emphasis.