Course Selection Process

Elm Middle School administration and faculty are committed to working with our families so all students will have the opportunity to take the most challenging and rewarding courses in line with their interests, goals and strengths.

To that end, students in grades 5-7 engage in an annual course selection process in which they choose their classes for Elm's next school year. The process has been designed to ensure that all students have adequate time and input to choose the classes best suited to them.

Career & Course Interest Surveys (5th-7th)


  • Students take Career & Course Interest Surveys.
  • Elm and District 401 will use results of these surveys to explore and create middle and high school courses and pathways to help students move toward their future career goals.

Analysis of Survey Data (5th-7th)


  • Survey data analyzed:
  1. CSI courses solidified.
  2. Elective courses solidified.
  3. Course selection sheet completed.

Presentations (6th & 7th)


  • 6th-grade students attend grade-level presentations with our school counselor on course options and selection process.
  • 7th-grade students attend grade-level presentations with our school counselor on course options and selection process.

Presentations (5th) & Recommendations (5th-7th)


  • 5th-grade students attend grade-level presentations with their counselors on course options and selection process.
  • All staff begin the course recommendation process for next year's 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade courses.

Course Selection Night (5th-7th)


  • Course descriptions are reviewed.
  • Course placement process are reviewed.
  • Course selection process are reviewed.

Special Education Supports (5th-7th)


  • Students receiving support within the Special Education Department participate in making placement and course selection decisions during their annual review, re-evaluation or transition IEP meeting.
  • Case managers meet with IEP students to determine available and appropriate electives.
  • These selections are then submitted to the students’ counselor for input.

Checking In & Requesting Changes (5th-7th)


  • Our school counselor meets individually with students and parents to ensure understanding of the course selection process.
  • Our school counselor helps to facilitate course selections with students and families.
  • Notification is sent to parents and students for final review of course requests and selections.
  • Students and parents submit requests for change to our counselor and principal.

Deadline for Requests (5th-7th)


  • Deadline day is the final day for parents and students to submit course request changes for the following Elm school year.

Review & Accommodations (5th-7th)


  • Student course requests are reviewed.
    • Accommodating student course requests is based solely on course availability.
    • With that in mind, we do our best to accommodate all student requests.
  • The course selection process concludes upon final review of change requests.
  • Requests are typically reviewed and accommodated (if possible) in March and April.