Elm Homework Resources

Welcome to Elm’s Homework Resources! This section of our website contains items that will help Elm students keep track of and complete their homework assignments.

We invite you to learn more about our homework resources by visiting the following pages:

► 7th-Grade Homework Page 

► 8th-Grade Homework Page

► Homework Help

► Homework Policy

What kind of assistance will each of these pages provide? See below for an overview.

Homework Pages for 7th and 8th Graders

Staying organized is an essential part of being a successful middle school learner. We have found that our homework pages help students manage their workload and develop effective organizational skills.

Elm teachers maintain two homework pages: one for 7th graders, and the other for 8th graders.

Each page is scrollable, and each page displays one week’s worth of homework assignments. Users can choose to display the current week’s assignments or a previous week’s. 

Classes are listed vertically by subject and teacher, and days of the week are arranged horizontally. Required academic classes come first, followed by electives. When a teacher has a website, the teacher’s name on the left side of the homework page will be linked to his or her website.

Teachers update Elm's homework pages frequently, so students should get into the habit of visiting often!

Homework Help

Our Homework Help page describes the support that’s available from Elm’s Homework Club, which provides a convenient, structured environment in which students can do their homework for one hour each day after school. 

Homework Policy

Our Homework Policy page describes Elm’s rules and procedures for students who have to make up homework after missing school due to an excused absence.

The page clarifies student responsibilities for completing missed assignments. The page also includes an excerpt from District 401’s Policy Manual that summarizes the district’s overall policy and expectations concerning homework.