Students are required to take mathematics throughout their two years at Elm Middle School. Each math class meets daily.

Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core-based Illinois Learning Standards for math.

Instruction is inquiry-based, with a focus on problem solving. Our teachers introduce students to mathematical concepts and skills that prepare them to be ready for algebra in high school.

Students learn how to make sense of increasingly sophisticated problems and to persevere in solving them. The problems are designed so students can see and make connections — not just between mathematical concepts, but between math and other subject areas and between math and real-world settings.

Because District 401 is committed to offering an articulated curriculum that is consistent across grade levels and content areas, teachers and students in grades 6-8 use Connected Mathematics 3 (CMP3) as their math curriculum.

This builds upon the foundational work done in grades K-5, when GO Math! was used as the curricular program at the Early Childhood Center and at both of the District's elementary schools, Elmwood and John Mills.