Throughout their time at Elm Middle School, students may immerse themselves in musical performance through our Band and Choir electives, both of which require a substantial commitment.

In addition, a one-semester elective focusing on musical fundamentals is available to 7th graders.

Our curriculum for all music courses is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts.


This class is typically taken by students with prior band experience in elementary school. Students are asked in 6th grade if they intend to continue in band. If the answer is yes, they will be assigned to the 7th-grade band class. Band is a two-year commitment. Students taking the class in 7th and 8th grade will not be able to take any other elective during their time at Elm. Because this is an elective, students alternate every other day with physical education/health.


Choir is a yearlong mixed-grade class (7th and 8th graders together) that meets during the 30-minute Exploratory period each morning except Wednesdays. Students may request to take Choir instead of entering the Exploratory rotation.


Music is a one-semester elective class for 7th graders that students may be assigned to depending on their schedules and the scheduling needs of the school. The class focuses on the fundamentals of reading music and understanding various types of music and instruments. Students taking the class alternate every other day with physical education and health.