National Junior Honor Society

Membership in Elm Middle School's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) signifies that the honoree possesses the qualities held in highest esteem by the society.

NJHS is governed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Selection Criteria

The NJHS is open to all 7th and 8th graders who have met five criteria:

► Scholarship
► Leadership
► Service
► Character
► Citizenship

The basic scholarship requirement is a cumulative average of B or better.

Students must have been enrolled in Elm Middle School for a full semester before they become eligible for consideration. They must demonstrate appropriate conduct, and they can have no suspensions from school (in-house or out-of-school suspensions).

Student Activity Information Form

Academically eligible candidates are notified and informed that for further consideration they must complete the Student Activity Information Form (SAIF), in which they are asked to outline their accomplishments in the areas of service, leadership, character and citizenship.

The form must be completed by the due date. No exceptions.

All faculty members are invited to submit comments about how well any of the candidates meet NJHS criteria.

Faculty Council

Selection is made by a council consisting of five Elm faculty members.

The faculty council reviews the SAIF and the comments submitted for each candidate. Candidates receiving a majority vote will be inducted into the chapter.

Service Projects

Each year Elm’s NJHS chapter completes one or more community service projects in which all the members of the chapter are involved.

Projects can be oriented toward improving student leadership, working with and learning about senior citizens, providing some learning about other cultures or performing some school service.