Elm Athletics FAQ

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Elm Middle School sports. 

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No. Students must have a valid physical exam form on file to try out for any sport.

No. One valid physical exam is sufficient for the entire school year — but we must have the Pre-Participation Physical Exam Form on file.

No. One signed Concussion Information Sheet is sufficient for the entire school year — but we must have the sheet on file.

Yes. But you must speak directly to the coach about your child’s intention to ride home with you.

No. Athletics at Elm are competitive. Students try out for teams, and coaches play athletes at their discretion.

We encourage you to check PowerSchool often to monitor grades. You can download an app on your phone that allows you to see your child's grades with a single touch of the phone. A student who is failing a subject will be allowed one week to fix the grade. Students who are still failing the next week will be ineligible for a week.

Ineligible athletes cannot practice or play in games. They are still part of the team and are required to attend practices and games. Ineligible athletes may be removed from the team if they stop attending games and practices. Grades are checked every Monday.