E-LEARNING UPDATE FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS (March 20, 2020): In addition to emailing if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your school-issued Chromebook, you may stop by Elmwood Park High School during the days and times listed in this flyer beginning Wednesday, March 25.

E-LEARNING UPDATE FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS (March 13, 2020): If a student requires support for their Chromebook, they should email, providing a description of what is happening. Every effort will be made to provide remote email support.

Inside District 401's classrooms, technology plays a crucial role in preparing our students to be 21st-century learners. Our teachers actively pursue new ways of blending devices and apps with innovative instruction to enhance student learning.

To help make all of this and more possible, the Technology Department provides essential hardware, software and infrastructure support to faculty, staff, administrators and students.

NOTE: This section of our website also includes information about District 401's Instructional Technology Department, which is organizationally separate from the Technology Department. The distinction between the two departments is described below in "How Technology and Instructional Technology Differ."

Technology Department Staff

The Technology Department reports to Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations/CSBO Mr. James Jennings. The department's staff consists of:

Mr. Tom Kinane
Director for Technology, District 401

Mr. Quirino Carlin
Network Administrator, District 401 

► Mr. Doug Selix
Network Administrator, District 401

Ms. Fran DiDavide
Technology Specialist, District 401
(based at Elmwood Elementary School)

Mr. Herbeis Garcia
Technology Specialist, District 401

Mr. Anthony Ginczycki
Technology Specialist, District 401

Under Mr. Kinane's direction, the department maintains a support line for District employees who encounter technology problems. Employees can submit questions and requests for help by using the following email address:  

Technology's Role as a Department

Our network administrators and technology specialists work to ensure that District 401's infrastructure can meet the demands of a technology-rich learning environment.

This includes providing support for any of the following:

► Network and connectivity issues

► Hardware and device issues, including problems related to Chromebooks and other laptops, as well as phones, projectors, printers and similar items

► Information security issues, including student and staff login issues and password resets for students

► Software issues except for those related to Google apps (the latter are handled by the Instructional Technology Department; see below)

► Use of the PowerSchool student information system

► Use of the Mastery Manager student growth module

As noted above, District employees can submit requests for help by using the following email address:

For more information about requesting technology support, please click here.

How Technology and Instructional Technology Differ

As noted above, the Technology Department is organizationally separate from District 401's Instructional Technology Department. The latter is headed by Ms. Jessica Iovinelli, Director for Instructional Technology. 

Although both departments work for the common purpose of providing the District with the best technology environment possible, their specific areas of focus differ.

The Technology Department concentrates on issues related to network infrastructure, connectivity, information security, hardware and non-Google software support, data management, the PowerSchool student information system and the Mastery Manager student growth module. 

The IT Department concentrates on instructional practices and how technology can be used to impact teaching and learning. IT also provides support on Google app-related issues. The IT Department reports to Director for Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Leah Gauthier.

1:1 Implementation and Beyond

District 401's commitment to technology was underscored in 2016 with the adoption of the District Technology Initiative. Under this plan, each Elmwood Park High School student will be equipped with a Chromebook beginning in 2018-19, followed by 1:1 implementation at Elm Middle School in 2019-20.

Meanwhile, Elmwood and John Mills elementary schools will benefit from the movement of existing laptop carts from the high school and middle school, so that all teachers and students will have increased opportunities for the instructional uses of technology throughout the day.

In addition, the use of Google educational apps will saturate the District, with all grade levels operating under Google Classroom by 2019-20.

For More Information

To learn more about technology in D401 and the role played by the Technology Department as well as the Instructional Technology Department, we invite you to visit the pages listed below, or click the links on the left-hand side of this page.