Hybrid & Remote Schedules

Please see the links below for Elmwood Elementary School's hybrid and remote learning schedules that go into effect after the 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend.

Step 3 learning begins on Jan. 19, followed by Step 4 learning on Jan. 25.

Kindergarten Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | Kindergarten
Remote Schedule | Kindergarten

1st-Grade Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | 1st Grade
Remote Schedule | 1st Grade

2nd-Grade Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | 2nd Grade
Remote Schedule | 2nd Grade

3rd-Grade Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | 3rd Grade | Daniels/Durkin Homeroom
Hybrid Schedule | 3rd Grade | Romano/Falk Homeroom 
Remote Schedule | 3rd Grade

4th-Grade Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | 4th Grade | Bolin/Breitzman Homeroom
Hybrid Schedule | 4th Grade | Ricchio/Vravosinos Homeroom 
Remote Schedule | 4th Grade

5th-Grade Schedules

Hybrid Schedule | 5th Grade | Anderson/Predovich Homeroom
Hybrid Schedule | 5th Grade | Campbell/Windisch Homeroom
Remote Schedule | 5th Grade