Parent & Community Organizations

In the service of its educational mission, Elmwood Elementary School seeks to build collaborative relationships with parents and members of the larger Elmwood Park community.

Our Partnerships

To this end, Elmwood welcomes the support it receives from Parents and Teachers Together (PATT), Band Boosters, the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee and the Elmwood Park Educational Foundation

We invite you to learn more about these organizations by visiting the following pages:

► Band Boosters
Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee
► Elmwood Parents and Teachers Together (PATT)
► Elmwood Park Educational Foundation

District 401 Policy Guidance 

For the District 401 policies that guide our relations with parent and community organizations, see the following sections of the Board of Education’s Policy Manual:

► 8:90 | Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs
► 8:95 | Parental Involvement    

Please note that District 401 is not, and will not be, responsible for a parent or community organization’s business or the conduct of its members.    

In addition, money that a parent or community organization gives to a District 401 school cannot be earmarked for any particular expense. 

Organizations may make recommendations, but cash or other valuable consideration must be given to the district to use at its discretion.