Parents and Teachers Together (PATT)

Elmwood Elementary School's parent-teacher organization is Parents and Teachers Together (PATT). All Elmwood parents are welcome to participate in the organization, which organizes events and fundraisers to help us provide even better opportunities for our students.

To join for 2018-19, fill out a membership form and return it to school along with your dues, which are just $2 per person.

About Elmwood PATT

Our PATT is an extremely active organization. Among other things, members organize and participate in the following events:

► Walkathon (once a year) 
► Book Fair (twice a year) 
► Family Social Night (two or three times a year) 
► Fun Fair (once a year in January) 
► School Supply Store (one week per month) 
► Holiday Shoppe (in December) 

Through its fundraising efforts, PATT has purchased the digital sign for our school, the protective carpet for our gym,  and supplemental books for our classrooms — to name just a few things.

PATT Officers

Each year the PATT elects officers to oversee the organization. The 2018-19 officers are:

► President — Michela Shipinski
► Vice President — Radwa Abdelwahab, Christen Klockenkemper
► Treasurer — Nicole Velazquez
► Secretary — Jodie LaBarbera

Officers for the 2019-20 school year have recently been elected. They will be:

► President — Jen Ranallo
► Vice President — Cesia Bermudez, Heather Braglia
► Treasurer — Hannah Vargas
► Secretary — Jen Cardona

Becoming a PATT Member

As mentioned above, joining is easy. Just fill out a membership form and return it to school along with your dues, which are only $2 per person. A link to the membership form is also available in the column on the left side of this page.

Joining Elmwood PATT does not commit you to volunteering or participating "behind the scenes" in activities at the school. You can support the organization in other ways, such as making donations, which are tax deductible, or attending any of PATT's various events for the Elmwood community.

Reasons to Join

Still not sure whether you should join Elmwood PATT? Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to become a member:

► Be a role model and show your child the value you place on education.
► Share your unique talents and ideas in the service of the Elmwood community.
► Stay informed and suggest changes you want to see for Elmwood's children.

For More Information

To learn more about the PATT's activities, we invite you to visit the following link:

Elmwood PATT Facebook page

If you're interested in participating, PATT recommends that you like the organization on Facebook. PATT uses its Facebook page to provide updates on events and activities throughout the school year.