Spirit Stores

PLEASE NOTE: Both of our spirit stores are now closed. They will open again later this school year. Thanks for shopping! Go Trojans, Panthers, Cougars and Tigers!

District 401 now has two spirit stores: American Custom Store and Elmwood Park Limited Run. Both stores are now open!

New items and designs for each school have been created under both stores for the EP 401 brand. The deadlines for orders are listed below along with the links to each store. We hope to deliver all items before winter break.

If you've shopped with us before, you're already familiar with American Custom Store. So let us introduce Elmwood Park Limited Run — or "EP/LR" for short. EP/LR features seasonal EP 401 merch and T's that will be created and sold for a limited time only. Get it now, or it goes back in the "vault."

All EP/LR store orders will ship in about six to eight business days after being placed. All other orders will ship six to eight days after the store closes. We hope you like what you see. All feedback is appreciated!

About the Stores

We invite our District 401 families to represent their schools and Elmwood Park by purchasing spirit wear from our online shops!

Several times a year the stores will be open for sales of T-shirts, polos, hoodies, hats and even masks — all with your choice of school logo and name.

Please note the following:

  • After each sales period, the stores will close temporarily for a brief time.
  • If you click a store link when the store is closed, you will see a message saying, "The Store Has Expired."
  • We will announce when the stores are open again. Don't worry, the stores WILL reopen!