Student Clubs & Activities

Students at Elmwood Elementary School have many opportunities to pursue their interests in a structured but less formal environment than a typical classroom by participating in our after-school clubs.

Our current clubs and activities can be found below. Make sure to contact us if you know of any organizations that should be added to this list!

Band is an elective for students in grades 5 and 6 only.

Instruction and rehearsal take place three times a week for approximately 40 minutes per session. Tryouts are not required, but a commitment is needed. Band members perform at concerts several times a year.

Chess Scholars is Elmwood's fun-filled professional chess program for children in grades 1-6. We work with students of all levels, including complete beginners.

During each one-hour class, there is an interactive instructional period of 15 to 20 minutes, followed by guided practice. Students can also test for Chess Belts, patterned after martial arts belts. We normally run a tournament with prizes towards the end of the session.

Our curriculum is well suited for the needs of young students. For example, we have a special point system designed to avoid discouraging young beginners.

Choir is open to students in grades 4-6. Students perform in two major performances and several assemblies. Fourth graders will be invited to join in January.

Go Green Club is open to students in grades 4-6. Members run the schoolwide recycling program, tend to the butterfly garden and participate in other "green" initiatives throughout the year.

Students are invited by teachers as an intervention to work with peer tutors on their homework.

Homework Club meets after school on Mondays and Thursdays for students recommended by their teachers to receive help with their homework as well as their overall academics and organization.

Students need to come prepared with all materials necessary to complete the assigned homework. After homework is completed, students will have the opportunity to work on math and reading interventions on the computer.

Intramural sports are open to students in grades 4-6. Intramurals is a way for students to be physically active by playing different sports in a noncompetitive way with their classmates. We do three different sports throughout the year for five weeks at a time. Boys and girls are welcome to join, and no experience is required. Please note: There is a $5 fee per student for each session.

Panther Fit Club is open to girls in grades 4-6. In Fit Club, girls participate in various fitness activities and games to help improve both physical fitness and self-esteem.

Fit Club practices include an endurance jog as well as a game or team-building activity. The culminating event is a 30-minute endurance run at the high school track.

The club will start practices in February, and the final event will be in May. Practices are one hour long, and we will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our school newspaper is open to students in grades 4-6. Panther Press club members write news articles, creative pieces, poems and human interest stories.

Club members meet on alternating weeks throughout the year. Upon registration, students receive a permission slip and a schedule of meeting times.

Meetings are usually held from 3 to 3:55 p.m. on Wednesdays. Students are responsible for thinking up story ideas, writing their stories and editing their work. The Panther Press is published four times yearly.

This club gives students a chance to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering and math ("STEM") as a supplement to what they learn in the classroom.

STEM Club is open to 5th- and 6th-grade students. Students will need a recommendation from two teachers to be considered for the club.

Student Council is a club for 4th through 6th graders who want to become involved in the school community as well as in Elmwood Park.

Students participate as classroom representatives and attend meetings every other week, unless otherwise specified. Sixth-grade students have the opportunity to run for a position on the executive board and represent the student body.  

Members participate in fundraising and community service events throughout the school year, serving as role models for their peers.

This club is designed for students in grades 3-6 who want to learn more about technology.

TAP members also gain knowledge about new and exciting computer programs, applications and websites that are available today.

The yearbook committee works on design and photography for the school yearbook. This particular club is open only to 6th graders and is limited to 15 students.

More information about requirements to join will be distributed to all 6th-grade students by Elmwood’s technology teacher, Mr. Paul Uhler.

Artistic creativity needs nourishment as well! This club provides drawing classes for students in grades 1-6.

All classroom supplies are provided and classes are run by a trained instructor. Registration and fee required for participation.