Enrichment Curriculum

Students who qualify for special group instruction from the school enrichment teacher will work on higher-order thinking skills and create independent projects that expand on the grade level curriculum.

Each quarter, students will explore one curricular focus to enhance their learning.

The first three quarters will focus on a core curricular area of study. The final quarter will include an independent research project.

At particular points of the program, students are expected to complete brief homework assignments to encourage continued exploration and reflection on learning.

The enrichment teacher will consistently evaluate student work to measure students’ understanding in their curricular focus.

Parents/guardians and classroom teachers will be informed about academic progress at each grading cycle, but no report card for enrichment special programming will be given.

Enrichment students will have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge to peers, school staff and community members by making classroom presentations, participating in the Enrichment Fair and competing in the district spelling bee.