Selection Criteria

District 401’s enrichment program aims to provide learning opportunities that challenge the intellect with higher-order questioning, that build upon the core curriculum through independent projects and that expand independence via earned responsibility.

This program is geared toward Advanced Learners in grades 1-6. An Advanced Learner is defined through specific criteria and expectations based on standardized assessments and references.

Prospective enrichment students must go through a referral process to be identified for placement. To be identified as an Advanced Learner, students must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

In addition, a parent survey and teacher observation form will be submitted for each prospective enrichment student.

Once all necessary information is received, the prospective student is reviewed for placement by the parent/guardian, the classroom teacher, the enrichment specialist and the principal.

Students already in the program will remain only if they continue to meet the annual testing requirements and expectations by staying in the 80th percentile or above.

If students do not meet the assessment criteria, they are not eligible for the Level 2 pull-out program. Students cannot be recommended unless the standardized testing information matches the criteria required. 

For More Information About the Assessment Tests