Homework Policy

Students in District 401 are expected to complete and turn in all homework assignments on time. We encourage students and parents to set up regular hours at home during which students can focus on their work.

The Value of Homework

Homework helps build basic skills and enriches the regular classroom program. It helps students develop study skills and responsibility through disciplined study outside of the classroom.  

Homework assignments will be made by our classroom teachers, and they will be purposeful, differentiated and coordinated. Homework is part of your child’s progress in school and will be a portion of your child’s final quarter grades.

If Your Child Is Sick

When calling your child in sick, please request any homework assignments (which will be ready for pickup at 3 p.m.), or find out who your child’s “homework buddy” is and request the assignments be sent home with the buddy.

The student has one day for every day absent to make up the work.

If Your Child Will Be Out of Town

Please notify the teacher and request any work that your child will be missing.

Work assigned must be turned in a week after returning to school, or it will not be counted for grading purposes.

Forgetting Homework

If your child forgets his or her homework, you may return to the school with your child up until 4 p.m. You must check in at the main office.

Homework Help Before School

Only students with passes are allowed to come in before school starts for homework help.

Using Elmwood Park Library

All of our textbooks and workbooks are available for our students’ use at the Elmwood Park Library in case they forget to bring their books home.

District 401’s Policy on Homework

Elmwood's rules and procedures in this area are governed by District 401's policy on homework, which can be found in Section 6:290 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual

Homework is part of the District's instructional program and has the overarching goal of increasing student achievement. Homework is assigned to further a student’s educational development and is an application or adaptation of a classroom experience. The Superintendent shall provide guidance to ensure that homework:

  1. Is used to reinforce and apply previously covered concepts, principles and skills;   
  2. Is not assigned for disciplinary purposes;   
  3. Serves as a communication link between the school and parents/guardians;   
  4. Encourages independent thought, self-direction and self-discipline; and   
  5. Is of appropriate frequency and length, and does not become excessive, according to the teacher's best professional judgment.   

A searchable online version of the Board of Education's Policy Manual can be found here.