Requesting Maintenance Support

The Buildings & Grounds Department uses SchoolDude, an online work-order system, to manage requests for maintenance support.

SchoolDude is a web-based system that allows users to fill out and submit work orders from any computer connected to the internet.

If you are a District 401 teacher or staff member and you want to submit a maintenance request, please follow the steps listed in the screenshots below.

How to Use SchoolDude for Maintenance Requests

1. Go to D401's SchoolDude login page (click here).

Schooldude screenshot

2. If you've never used SchoolDude, you'll need to register.

  • Go to the area at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the inverted caret (the V symbol).

SchoolDude screenshot

3. Fill in the requested information (your administrator will give you the account number), then hit "Register" at the bottom.

SchoolDude screenshot

4. You will be taken automatically to the maintenance request page.

SchoolDude screenshot

5. Continue scrolling down the request page and read the steps as listed. 

  • The steps are largely self-explanatory.
  • Fill in anything that has a red checkmark next to it.
  • The checkmark means the information is required. For example, "Location" (part of Step 2) is required.

SchoolDude screenshot

6. Fill in anything that is required — i.e., anything that has a red checkmark next to it. For example, "Area" (part of Step 2) is optional, but "Area/Room Number" is required.

SchoolDude screenshot

7. "Select Problem Type" (Step 3) is also required.

SchoolDude screenshot

8. Fill in the remaining steps as needed.

  • Describing your problem (Step 4) and providing your submittal password (Step 7) are the only required steps left.
  • Your submittal password is different from your personal password.
  • Your administrator will provide you with the submittal password.
  • Hit "Submit" (Step 8) when you are finished.

SchoolDude screenshot

9. Your screen will immediately notify you whether you've successfully submitted your request. Use "My Requests" at the top of the page to keep track of your work order's progress.

SchoolDude screenshot

10. Logout when you are finished.