Save the Date: "Into the Cloud" Tech Event Scheduled for April 5

Save the Date: "Into the Cloud" Tech Event Scheduled for April 5

PHOTO: An Elmwood Elementary student uses technology in the classroom. Click here to download a flyer about the District's "Into the Cloud" tech event.

Ready to see what technology has to offer District 401 students? Want to try out some of the apps our faculty and students are already using? Eager for a glimpse of where our Technology Initiative is heading?

Then be sure to circle Thursday, April 5, on your calendars. That’s when District 401 will hold "Into the Cloud," a free informational event open to all students, faculty and community members in Elmwood Park.

The event will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the EPHS Main Gym. It will feature 20 booths that will offer a variety of insights into how technology is changing the world — both inside and outside the classroom.

Elmwood students use technology.

PHOTO: Elmwood Elementary students are all in for technology! D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view). 

What to Expect

Booths will cover topics ranging from educational apps, virtual reality and e-textbooks to robotics, coding and 3D printing. (Scroll down for a complete list of booths.)

But don’t think everything about "Into the Cloud" will be on the serious side!

Looking for entertainment? Student DJ Justin Eigenbauer will pump up the crowd and keep the tunes playing throughout the event. A game truck parked outside the school will be able to accommodate 20 video gamers for 15 minutes at a time. And a photo booth will be available for attendees to commemorate the event with digital snapshots.

ECC students look at a computer tablet.

PHOTO: Technology in the classroom begins early at the ECC! D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Making D401's Tech Initiative Transparent

“Into the Cloud” gets its name from cloud-based computing — software and services that run on the internet instead of locally on an individual computer.

The event was conceived by Instructional Technology Coordinator Ms. Jessica Iovinelli and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicolas Wade. The District Technology Committee assisted with the planning, and faculty/staff members have volunteered their time to man the booths.

It’s another in a series of efforts to inform and engage the Elmwood Park community in the District’s 1:1 Technology Initiative.

"From smaller events such as the parent nights last year and the 'Tech Checks' this year to this large-scale event, we want to stay as transparent as possible in our journey to 1:1," said Ms. Iovinelli.

John Mills students take a deep dive into Google Chrome.

PHOTO: John Mills students take a deep dive into Google Chrome. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

A Throwback Thursday

In many ways, "Into the Cloud" is a callback to earlier D401 events that sought to inform the community about different aspects of the District’s curriculum and operations.

"I've been in the District for 11 years now, and I remember the districtwide ELA, math and fine arts events we had in past years," Ms. Iovinelli said.

"The feedback was always positive, and those events really brought the families from all five schools in the District together. That format seemed perfect for a technology event that would be open to the community."

EPHS use Google in the classroom.

PHOTO: EPHS students receive intensive Google training on the first day of school back in August. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Informing the Community

According to Ms. Iovinelli, "Into the Cloud" has two main goals:

► To show how technology impacts students and learning, and the positive contribution it makes to 21st-century society.

► To provide examples of technology already available to students in our schools and community.

"The bottom line is that technology transforms the whole learning experience, giving our students new opportunities to collaborate in teams and with their teachers," said Ms. Iovinelli.

"Though many people fear losing the ability to communicate due to technology, when used correctly and in balance with face-to-face interaction, technology empowers students to be more connected."

The Elm Robotics Team competes at a recent tournament.

PHOTO: The Elm Robotics Team will be featured at one of the "Into the Cloud" booths. D401 photo by web/media specialist Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Lineup of Booths for "Into the Cloud" 



3D Printing

Ahren Sievers (EP Public Library)
Jason Stuhlmann (EP Public Library)

Aerospace Technology

Alexis Vasiliadis (Civil Air Patrol)

Binary Bracelets

Tracy Sloan (ECC)

Bowling with Bots

Lisa Berkery (Mills)

Circle of Apps

Darlene Triska (Elm)

Coding Apps

Paul Uhler (Elmwood)

Colby the Coding Mouse

Debbie Anichini (EPHS)
Tracy Lotz (EPHS)

Curriculum / E-Texts

Leah Gauthier (D401 Curriculum & Instruction)
Angie Gulliford (Mills)
Megan Johnson (Mills)
Becky Knauer (Mills)

Dash & Dot Wonder Robots

Morgan Freeck (Elmwood)

Google Earth

Annina Wanzung (Elmwood & Mills)

Interactive Websites

Laura Magruder (Mills)

Online Reading Libraries

Richelle Fiorito (Elm)

Photo Booth

Teresa Iovinelli (Elmwood)


Fran DiDavide (Elmwood)

Robotics Team

Christian Hartwig (Elm)
Steve Mrkvicka (Elm)

Science Club

Angela Andrews (EPHS)
Christian Rosenzweig (EPHS)

Seesaw App

Vanessa Acosta (Mills)
Alyssa Makropoulos (Mills)

Talking Tech

Brianna Campbell (Mills)
Megan Davies (Elmwood & Elm)
Patti Faldani (Mills)
Kathryn Riley (Mills)

Tech with Teens

Molly Hong (Elm)
Rebecca Siegel (Elm)

zSpace Virtual Reality

Nick Pinchok (zSpace)

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