Author Julia Cook Visits Elmwood, Talks Reading, Writing & Life Skills

Julia Cook talks with Elmwood students as her dogs Kirby and Tommy look on.

Author Julia Cook talks with Elmwood K-2 students as her pet Chihuahuas, Kirby and Tommy, look on. (D401 photo by Dave Porreca)

Book author Julia Cook, who has published 134 volumes for children and whose work has sold more than 3 million copies in nine languages worldwide, visited Elmwood Elementary School on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

The Nebraska-based writer spoke in the Panther gym to separate assemblies of K-2 and 3-5 students.

She read passages from several of her works, all of which deal with specific topics of importance to the social-emotional development of children.

To the delight of her audiences, she also introduced everyone to her canine companions, Kirby and Tommy, a crowd-pleasing pair of apple head Chihuahuas.

For the younger students, Ms. Cook organized her presentation around issues related to focus, body control, sibling rivalry and recess. For the older students, she talked about themes of stress, rules, integrity and responsibility.

In addition to the large assemblies, Ms. Cook visited classrooms to answer questions and speak in greater detail about her writing.

The next day, Ms. Cook visited John Mills Elementary School, where she also spoke to assemblies of K-2 and 3-5 students. In between the large gatherings she addressed smaller groups of 5th graders.

Using Stories to Help Children Help Themselves

This two-day visit marked the first time Ms. Cook spoke at District 401 schools. But being around students is nothing new for the former school guidance counselor.

Prior to writing her first book 17 years ago, Ms. Cook worked as a counselor and teacher in Nebraska and Utah. Before the COVID pandemic, she traveled up to 311 days a year visiting schools around the world.

She transitioned to full-time writing after she wrote a story for her daughter and realized that conveying lessons through fictional characters was an effective way to reach children. 

"Kids don't come with instructions," Ms. Cook said after one of her assemblies this week. "So it's really hard to know how to tell them things without preaching to them. But if you read them a book and the book has great social skills in it, they let you in."

For Ms. Cook, who has a master's degree in elementary school counseling, the key to helping children overcome obstacles and solve problems is to give them the tools to make good decisions. This is why, in her view, stories can be so powerful in a child's development.  

"If the kid in the book struggles and you the reader do what the kid in the book does, you can overcome the struggle by watching what they do and listening and reading about it," she said.

Thank you for visiting District 401, Ms. Cook — and keep on reading, Panthers!

Julia Cook at Elmwood School

The following photos were taken during Julia Cook's assembly with Elmwood K-2 students. All photos are by District 401 web/media specialist Dave Porreca. Click images for larger view.

Julia Cook

Julia Cook

Julia cook

Julia Cook

Julia Cook

Julia Cook

Julia Cook

Julia Cook

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