This year District 401 will begin using Ecollect as part of its enrollment process.

Ecollect is an online data collection system that operates within the parent portal of your PowerSchool account.

As a D401 parent, this means you can use Ecollect to find, complete and submit your child's enrollment documents.

Using Ecollect for 2019-20 Enrollment

The documents you'll need to enroll your child (if a new student) or re-enroll your child (if a returning student) will be available to you in Ecollect for the 2019-20 school year.

The use of Ecollect to complete and submit your 2019-20 documents will be optional except for the following three consent forms, which must be submitted via Ecollect:

► Digital Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Contract
► Photo Release Consent Form
► District Policies for Student Handbooks Sign-Off Sheet (one of three versions below)  

These forms must be completed on the Ecollect parent portal in PowerSchool. If you don't have a PowerSchool account, your school will assist you in setting one up.

Once you are in your account, click on "Ecollect Forms" and follow the directions.

Ecollect Initial Registration Directions

Go to the Ecollect link for District 401:

Fill out the information requested.

For fall enrollment, choose the grade your student will be in at that time.

For fall enrollment, choose school year 1920.

For school, choose the correct school:

► PK3, PK4 and K attend the Early Childhood Center.
► Grades 1-6 attend Elmwood Elementary if you live SOUTH of the tracks.
► Grades 1-6 attend John Mills Elementary if you live NORTH of the tracks.
► Grades 7-8 attend Elm Middle School.
► Grades 9-12 attend Elmwood Park High School.

The school enrollment code is 625.

Click on the "I am not a robot," then "apply to school." 

There is a tab to "enroll another student." If you are entering more than one student, you must enter each student separately.

You will receive a confirmation email.

You must submit proof of residency. Use the following links to get residency forms and information:

Enrollment for New/Transfer Students
Enrollment for Returning Students

Once your residency has been approved, you will receive another email directing you to create your PowerSchool account and complete the enrollment process.

Description of Ecollect Sections

Once you are in District 401's Ecollect Enrollment, you will see that the information is listed by section. The following descriptions provide a brief guide to what you will find.

Section 1 contains general information.

This includes "Ecollect preferences" to enable parent notification by email and to select your preferred language (English, Polish, Spanish). New students will find the New Student Checklist of Documents. The School Entrance Health Letter from Superintendent Dr. Nicolas Wade will be also be found here.

Section 2 contains payment information.

Fees are due on Sept. 3, 2019, or within 30 days of enrollment. Preschool fees can be paid monthly. You are able to make payment in person at your home school, by mail or on the D401 webstore once we have set up your student’s account. To qualify for a fee waiver, you must submit the Fee Waiver Application, a 2018 tax return and other relevant documents.

Section 3 contains demographic forms.

Some of these forms are intended for a subset of our students. For example, the Student Questionnaire is for elementary students only, and the Early Childhood Data Collection Form is for preschool students only.

Section 4 contains parent/student consents.

This is where you will find the Digital Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Contract, the Photo Release Consent Form and the EnglishPolish and Spanish versions of the District Policies for Student Handbooks sign-off sheets.

Section 5 contains miscellaneous forms & information listed by school.

Contact information for each school is listed here (website address, physical address, phone number, fax and contact person). You may also click on links to navigate to supply lists, bus routes, bell schedules and more.