As stated in its mission, Elmwood Park High School recognizes its role in the development and socialization of the adolescents in its charge.

As educators, the EPHS faculty helps to prepare students to be productive citizens in a democratic society. High school is the final, formal institutional setting in which adolescents learn and practice the ideals of a democratic society before becoming legal adults.

Part of that preparation includes promoting self-reliance and self-discipline.

Our behavior and discipline code reflects the belief that school is a learning ground for adolescents to practice their individual freedoms while maintaining personal responsibilities. 

Accountability, Responsibility, Respect

The EPHS discipline code is grounded in individual student ownership, accountability and responsibility. The notion that all individuals must be held accountable for their actions is one students will face in society. Discipline is structured so that the inherent dignity and worth of each person is recognized and honored.

The behavior code and subsequent policies, rules and regulations governing EPHS stem from the premise that respect must exist between people and toward the institution and its policies, rules and regulations if we are all to work together to achieve goals successfully.

It is from this premise that we have developed this list of personal rights and responsibilities that apply to all persons within the EPHS community.

Personal Rights

  • All individuals have the right to be safe from physical, mental and emotional harm while at school.
  • All individuals have the right to facilitate (teachers/staff) or receive (students) an education that will promote intellectual, social and emotional growth and development.
  • All individuals have the right to express their ideas and feelings within the bounds of good taste and with respect to the rights of other people.

Student Behavior

As a general policy, students are expected to:

  • Maintain regular daily attendance.
  • Be on time to all classes.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner which reflects courtesy, decency, and a sensitivity to the rights of others.
  • Respond courteously and promptly to the requests to faculty and staff.
  • Help keep the school clean.
  • Follow school regulations and policies.
  • Refrain from loud noises or conversations that are disruptive to the school's environment.