Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Elmwood Park High School, students in the Classes of 2022 and 2023 must:

  • Earn a minimum of 26 credits, with all subject matter requirements met.
  • Pass a required exam on the foundational documents of U.S. and Illinois government.
  • Complete an approved assessment of college and career readiness.

For students in the Class of 2024 and beyond, the minimum credit requirement will be 25 credits. This is due to the recent change in the EPHS bell schedule, the focus on post-secondary pathways for all students and a need to provide additional daily academic support.

Each semester-long class counts as 0.5 credit and each year-long class counts as 1.0 credit (0.5 credit for each semester successfully completed).

Graduation requirements are explained in greater detail directly below. Click the section(s) you would like to learn more about.

Please note that for grading purposes EPHS uses a system that applies different weights to AP, honors and regular courses. To learn more about our course assessment practices and procedures, please visit our Grading System page.

Other Information Related to Graduation

In addition to the requirements noted above, students and parents should be aware of the following information concerning EPHS courses, credits, promotion and graduation procedures.