Parent/Student Sign-Off Requirement

Each District 401 school has a student handbook. After reviewing the applicable handbook, every student and parent/guardian must review, sign and submit a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet.

One sign-off sheet must be submitted for each student.

What Signing the Sheet Means

Completing a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet indicates that the signers understand and accept the handbook that applies to them, and that they also understand and accept all five parts of the sign-off sheet. These parts are:

  • Part 1 | District Policies for Student Handbooks
    Please read Part 1 in the sign-off sheet and see the policies listed here
  • Part 2 | Cellular Phone Acceptable Use Policy and Parental Permission
    Please read Part 2 in the sign-off sheet
  • Part 3 | Using a Photograph or Video Recording of a Student
    Please read Part 3 in the sign-off sheet
  • Part 4 | Electronic Communication
    Please read Part 4 in the sign-off sheet
  • Part 5 | Notice for Directory Information
    Please read Part 5 in the sign-off sheet

Each of these five parts is explained in the sign-off sheet. Visit this page for links to the policies, procedures and exhibits that must be reviewed for Part 1.

Policies Subject to Change

Please note that District and school policies are subject to change at any time.