Superintendent's Newsletter

"Superintendent Spotlight" is the newsletter produced by District 401's Superintendent of Schools. The publication was launched in February 2018 by Dr. Nicolas Wade, who led the District from July 1, 2017, to July 31, 2020. Dr. Leah Gauthier succeeded him on Aug. 1, 2020.

The most recent issue of the newsletter is located below. An archive containing links to every previous issue is also located on this page.

Current Issue | November 2019 | Volume 3, Issue 3

The most recent issue of Superintendent Spotlight was published on Nov. 7, 2019. Click the images below to see the complete issue in English, Polish and Spanish.

Superintendent Spotlight, November 2019, Issue 3, English, page 1


Superintendent Spotlight, November 2019, Volume 3, Issue 3, Polish


Superintendent Spotlight, November 2019, Volume 3, Issue 3, Spanish, page 1


Archive of Published Issues

This section contains links to PDF copies of every issue of "Superintendent Spotlight." The archive will be updated as each new issue is published.

Purpose of the Newsletter

The purpose of "Superintendent Spotlight" is to provide our stakeholders with information from across the spectrum about what the District is currently accomplishing or setting out to achieve.

The newsletter also provides an opportunity to explain any changes at the state and/or federal level that could potentially impact the District.

How We Distribute the Newsletter

Downloadable PDF copies of "Superintendent Spotlight" are distributed electronically to the D401 community. Each issue is also posted on the District website and on each of our school websites, with hard copies available in the main offices of our buildings.

Under normal circumstances, a minimum of one issue is published each semester. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was not possible during the 2020 spring semester. We hope to resume publication in the 2020 fall semester.