Tardy Policy & Procedures

If your child will be tardy to Elmwood Park High School, please inform the school by calling the following number:

  • 708-452-7272 ext. 7132

Punctuality is expected of all EPHS students. Developing the habit of being on time is an important life skill.

If a student is late in arriving to school, to class, to the library or to the cafeteria, the tardy shall be treated as excused or unexcused.

Excused Tardies

To be considered excused when tardy, a student must present a signed pass from a staff member that explains why the student is tardy.

Unexcused Tardies

An unexcused tardy shall consist of entering class, the library or the cafeteria less than five minutes late without appropriate authorization.

Students tardy to class will be given a tardy slip, which they will complete and return to the teacher. The teacher will sign the slip, keep one copy and place one copy in the detention mailbox by the end of that school day.

Consequences of Unexcused Tardies

Students who arrive unexcused tardy to school, class, the library or the cafeteria will be required to serve detention the day of the tardy or the next school day.

Each additional time students arrive unexcused tardy to class, the library or the cafeteria, a detention must be served consecutively.

If students have multiple detentions for one day, they must clarify their detention schedule with the Deans' Office. It is the student's responsibility to monitor and serve detentions.

Work Missed Due to Tardies

Students who are excused tardy will be allowed to make up missed work or assignments.

Students who are unexcused tardy to class will not be allowed to make up missed work or ;assignments.

It is always the responsibility of the student to get all assignments missed due to an excused tardy. The student must see the teacher during the same school day when tardy to class. Make-up work will be assigned to be completed during a time determined by the teacher (i.e., before/after school or during class time if possible).

It is also the student's responsibility to schedule with the teacher the taking of tests or quizzes missed due to an excused tardy.