Health Education Program

The Health Education Program at Elmwood Park High School, part of the school's Physical Education Department, provides state-mandated instruction on ways of maintaining good physical, mental and social health.

Our health course is offered each quarter and is open to EPHS students from all grade levels. Successful completion of the class is required for graduation.

Topics Covered in the Curriculum

The EPHS health curriculum is aligned with the Illinois PE/health learning standards. Topics covered include the following:

► Mental health and mental illness
► Health careers
► Purchasing health products
► Environmental influence on health
► Prevention and control of diseases
► Physical fitness
► Tobacco, alcohol, drugs

► Human sexuality
► Nutrition
► AIDS education
► Single parent lifestyles
► Coping with death
► Health insurance
► Life insurance

Together with EPHS's comprehensive PE curriculum, our health education course provides students with the tools they need to achieve and maintain a healthful lifestyle.

To Learn More

For more information about the EPHS Health Education Program and the instruction it provides, please visit the link below.

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Health Education Faculty