Elmwood Park High School's music program — a division within the school's Fine Arts Department — is proud to offer several courses and performance options for the student body.

Exploration of sound in both performance and nonperformance courses provides learners with experiences in composing, performing and listening to music.

Course options include AP Music Theory, an advanced class on how music composition works. This course is highly recommended for band and choir students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how their music is created and how to analyze it.

Putting Theory into Practice

Performance options include the spring musical, an extracurricular auditioned production staged during March of each school year.

Students usually audition for cast roles in December and rehearse from January until the performance date. Also available to our students are chances to work on stage crew or play their instruments in the pit orchestra.

Other music performance opportunities include the EPHS Marching Tigers, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir and Swing Choir.

AP Opportunity

As mentioned above, our curriculum includes an Advanced Placement course in music:

This course is for students who want to improve their understanding of the basic materials and processes of music. Students will develop skills by listening to, reading, writing and performing a variety of music. Students will learn to identify features of pitch, interval, scales and keys, chords, meter, rhythm and other musical concepts in performed and notated music. They will also become proficient at notating music, singing a notated melody on sight and completing music based on cues, following common-practice style.

To Learn More

Descriptions of EPHS music courses as well as a directory of our faculty can be found here: