Promotion & Placement 

Advancement in grade at Elmwood Park High School is based on academic credits earned. Promotion does not automatically occur simply because of attendance, age or any other reason unrelated to academic performance.

Similarly, students are placed into specific levels of academic coursework (such as AP, honors or general studies) because of a variety of performance factors. A student's level of placement is not automatic from year to year and is determined by multiple academic criteria.

Promotion Requirements

All students must meet the following requirements to be promoted to the next grade level:

All students with fewer than 7.0 credits are classified as EPHS freshmen.

All students who have earned at least 7.0 credits but fewer than 13.0 credits are promoted to sophomore status. As part of these credits, students must have at least 1.0 credit in each of the following: English, math and science and at least 1.0 in social studies.

All students who complete their sophomore-year requirements and have earned 13.0 or more credits are promoted to junior status. As part of these 13.0 credits, students must have at least 2.0 credits in each of the following: English, math, science and social studies.

Students who complete their junior-year credit requirements and the state-testing requirement are promoted to senior status.

Please note that reclassification of students takes place at the end of the first-semester marking period (January) and after the completion of the summer school session (August).

Placement Procedures

Current 8th-grade students are placed into academic coursework for their freshman year through a process that involves articulation between EPHS and Elm Middle School.

Course placements are made using the following criteria:

  • Standardized test scores
  • Grades from previous semester
  • Attendance
  • Work completion
  • Performance on curriculum-based measures/assessments

Current EPHS students are assigned to course levels for their sophomore, junior or senior years on the basis of test scores, performance/achievement and teacher recommendations.

A student's level of placement will be reviewed each year based upon the following criteria:

  • Grades from previous semester
  • Attendance
  • Work completion
  • Performance on curriculum-based measures/assessments
  • Recommendations from teachers

Required Course Load

Underclassmen are required to enroll in seven courses each semester they attend EPHS.

Senior students have the option, depending on their current graduation progress, to be enrolled in fewer than seven courses.

Sophomore, junior and senior students may enroll in more than seven courses — taking an optional zero hour and/or eighth hour course(s).

In the Event of Failing Grades

Any student who fails a core class is strongly encouraged to attend summer school to earn credit and remain on track for graduation.

EPHS Summer Academy is a teacher-supported online learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace to recover credit. More information can be found online or by contacting our counselors.

In the Event of Incomplete Grades

If a student is unable to complete coursework due to special circumstances, a teacher or administrator may choose to issue a grade of "I" — an incomplete for a class.

When an incomplete is needed, the teacher will prepare the appropriate Incomplete Grade Agreement, which will be signed by the student and teacher and communicated to the parent.

This contract will include a specific plan to finish the course work and a timeline upon which this will be completed. The parent will be notified of the arrangement and provided a copy.

A copy of the signed contract will be kept by the student, teacher and counselor. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the expected work according to the agreed upon timeline. If the contract is not completed, the grade of "I" may be converted to a grade of "F."

In the absence of special circumstances, no grade of incomplete will be allowed to remain past the end of the following grading period.

Transfer Credit

Prior approval must be obtained for all courses taken outside of District 401 to assure they meet our academic standards and curricular expectations.

District 401's Policy on Promotion

Procedures and practices in this area are governed by District 401's policy on grading and promotion, which can be found in Section 6:280 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual. The policy includes the following directives:

The decision to promote a student to the next grade level shall be based on successful completion of the curriculum, attendance, and performance on the [Illinois Assessment of Readiness] and/or other assessments. A student shall not be promoted based upon age or any other social reason not related to academic performance. The administration shall determine remedial assistance for a student who is not promoted.

A searchable online version of the complete District Policy Manual can be found here.