Report Cards

Under our quarter system, report cards are issued to Elmwood Park High School students four times during the school year. See our school calendar for these dates.

All EPHS students and parents have logins to PowerSchool, where academic progress can be monitored on a daily basis. We encourage parents to check grades and assignments on PowerSchool regularly.

Printed progress reports can be made available if a parent does not have access to the technology needed for PowerSchool.

Honor Rolls

We are delighted to recognize students who have achieved academic excellence. To that end, each semester a 3.7 honor roll and a 3.3 honor roll are tabulated and reported.

The attainment of honor roll status becomes a part of the student's permanent record. In order to qualify, a student must have no grade lower than a C and must achieve a grade-point average of at least 3.3 or 3.7 using the weighted grade-point system.

A student must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses that receive grades to be eligible for honor roll status.

National Honor Society

Students who have displayed qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service as determined by faculty vote will be invited to membership in the Harold Grothen Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Our NHS chapter is open to students in grades 11-12 who have met four criteria:

  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Character

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 is necessary before a student can be considered for possible membership. Students may be inducted into the Society after the 10th or 14th quarter.

Academic Recognition at Commencement

During commencement, EPHS recognizes those students who graduate with honors and those who are members of the National Honor Society.

We recognize as valedictorian of the senior class the student who attains the highest cumulative GPA at the end of the eighth semester (16th quarter), and who has been in residence at EPHS for a minimum of four semesters (eight quarters).

The senior student who attains the second highest cumulative GPA and who has been in residence for a minimum of four semesters (eight quarters) is designated as the salutatorian.

Those students graduating in the top 5 percent are recognized as Tiger Scholars. Those students who graduate in the top 10 percent are also recognized. Both groups are acknowledged at an annual honors breakfast and have priority seating at the graduation ceremony.

A Note About PowerSchool

Details regarding setting up a PowerSchool account or logging into an existing account are provided at the start of each school year.

Extensive additional information about PowerSchool is also available on this website at the following locations: