Summer Learning Academy

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page refers to the 2020 Virtual Summer Learning Academy. We will post information about 2021 summer learning opportunities in early 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, District 401 is offering a Virtual Summer Learning Academy for 2020 instead of the previously scheduled in-person classes.

Here is a summary of the major changes:

  • Summer Learning Academy is now free for D401 students. 
  • Families will apply for all classes and be entered into a lottery for registration.
  • Applications for non-APEX classes are open from May 1 to May 10.
  • Families of non-APEX students will be notified of registration status on May 15.
  • Scholastic Academy is now open to ALL current K-5 students who wish to apply. 
  • Kindergarten Countdown Camp is no longer an available class.
  • Interest-based courses have been updated and can be found on pages 3-4 of the Virtual Summer Learning Academy flyer. These are still available for K-8 students.
  • APEX classes are open to grades 6-12, and application is from May 1 to May 21.

Additional information about the changes can be found in the subsections below titled Cost, Courses, Lottery, Apply, Student Expectations and Course Options.


As noted above, the cost of all 2020 Summer Learning Academy classes has been waived.

If you previously registered a student for Summer Learning Academy, the assigned fees have been removed from your student's account. If you previously paid a fee for Summer Learning Academy, your payment will be refunded within the next several weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about your refund, please contact Ms. Kim Kaminski at


In replacement of in-person instruction, we will be offering free virtual courses for students.

Available courses are outlined in our Virtual Summer Learning Academy flyer, and all students are invited to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if your student was previously registered for a Summer Learning Academy course, you will still need to fill out an application for the online course.


If the number of student applications for a course exceeds the number of spots available, a lottery drawing will be held to determine class rosters.

Students may apply to participate in only one Summer Learning Academy course. All duplicate entries of the same student will be deleted before the lottery drawing.


Applications for Summer Learning Academy non-APEX courses will be accepted from May 1 to May 10. Parents will be notified of student registration on May 15.

Applications for APEX courses will be accepted from May 1 to May 21.

For APEX students in grades 6-8, priority will be given to students who require coursework for skill deficiency or courses failed. For APEX students in grades 9-12, priority will be given to students who require coursework for graduation or credit recovery.

You can find all application URLs on the Virtual Summer Learning Academy flyer

Student Expectations

Students use District-provided Chromebooks to attend virtual classes and complete activities on a daily basis. Information about Chromebook pick-up and drop-off will be provided after registration is finalized.

No more than three days of unexcused/ incomplete work will be permitted. Excessive absences may result in the student being removed from the course.

Course Options

Looking to refine your skills as a scholar? Academic courses strengthen understanding of current grade-level content. Current students in grades K-12 can apply to enroll for specific courses.
Details are available below at K-12 Academic Courses and on page 2 of the flyer. 

Looking for an enriching learning experience? These courses provide thematically aligned learning activities for students currently in grades K-8.
Details are available below at K-8 Interest-Based Courses and on pages 3-4 of the flyer.

Looking for ways to accelerate your learning or for additional support in subjects that you struggle with? APEX courses meet each student's unique needs. These courses are available for students currently in grades 6-12.
Details are available below at 6-12 APEX Courses and on pages 5-6 of the flyer.

Academy Flyer & Letter to Parents

For downloadable PDF copies of the six-page Virtual Summer Learning Academy flyer and the one-page letter to parents from Principal Freeck, please click the images below.

Virtual Summer Academy flyer


Letter to Parents



K-12 Academic Courses

Summer Learning Academy offers three types of academic courses:

  • Scholastic Academy
  • EL Newcomer Camp
  • Extended School Year (ESY)

Click the rows below for more information about each type.


K-8 Interest-Based Courses

As part of the Summer Learning Academy, our Exploration Academy offers interest-based courses for students in grades K-8. These courses are organized into three groups based on the current grade levels of students:

  • Current Students in Grades K-2
  • Current Students in Grades 3-5
  • Current Students in Grades 6-8

Click the rows below for more information about each group.


6-12 APEX Courses

Students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to take APEX courses during the summer for credit recovery or credit advancement. These courses use Apex Learning, an online educational platform that allows students to work individually at their own pace.

Summer Learning Academy offers APEX classes grouped according grade level:

  • APEX Courses for Grades 6-8
  • APEX Courses for Grades 9-12

Click the rows below for more information about each group.