Eligibility & Participation

To play interscholastic sports for Elmwood Park High School, students must register online for their respective sports, and they must meet the requirements and expectations listed below.

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Registration, Forms & Fees

Prospective athletes and their parents or guardians must complete the following procedures to ensure participation in an EPHS sport:

  • Confirm that an up-to-date physical for the athlete is on file with the Athletic Office; the physical is good for 395 days from the date of the exam.
  • Submit a parent/guardian consent form.
  • Pay the $65 fee; with participation in three sports, no fee is required for the third sport.
  • Submit IHSA concussion forms.
  • Register online at the EPHS Athletics website: il.8to18.com/elmwoodpark

NOTE: Registration usually starts each year on or around July 1. If there are changes, the school community will be notified.

Attendance & Transportation

EPHS athletes are required to be in attendance for two periods to practice or play.

All team members are expected to ride the school bus to and from games.

If parents or guardians need to take an athlete home: 

  • They must contact the Athletic Office prior to the game.
  • Permission must be received from the coach, and the athlete must ride with their own parent or guardian.

Academic Eligibility

The IHSA has the following scholastic standing requirements for high school athletes:

  • Athletes must pass 25 credit hours of high school work per week. Generally, twenty-five credit hours is the equivalent of five .5 credit courses (2.5 full credits). 
  • Athletes must have passed and received credit toward graduation for 25 credit hours of high school work for the entire previous semester to be eligible at all during the ensuing semester.

The academic progress of EPHS athletes is monitored weekly:

  • The grading period is Monday through Friday.
  • Athletes who don't maintain their progress become ineligible starting the next Monday.
  • Ineligible athletes are required to practice and attend games, but not suit up and participate.
  • The Athletic Office will send notification letters home for ineligible athletes.

Athletic Code of Conduct

EPHS athletes must adhere to the school's Athletic Code of Conduct.

The code is in effect 365 days cumulative over four years.

Violations are disciplined by coaches or the athletic director — e.g., by running, sitting portions of games, suspensions, etc.

Quitting a Team

Athletes who quit after three days of participation will not receive a refund.

If an athlete quits after two weeks of participation, he or she won’t receive a refund and may not participate in off-season conditioning for another sport unless:

  • The athlete meets with the coach within three days of quitting
  • The athlete returns all issued equipment within three days of quitting