All students at Elmwood Park High School are assigned a counselor. During their time at EPHS, students meet with their counselors to discuss a wide range of matters, including but not limited to college and career planning. (See below for a comprehensive list of services.)

Counselors play an essential role in helping EPHS students navigate the course selection process each year. All students should seek advice and guidance from their assigned counselor as they choose their classes and explore their College & Career Pathways opportunities.

Transcript Requests

If you would like to request EPHS transcripts, please visit our Transcript Requests page and follow the steps as listed. You DO NOT have to submit a FOIA request.

For current students there is no charge for transcripts. For graduates or former students there is a $5 fee per request. Please allow three days for processing.

Meet Our Counselors

EPHS counselors are assigned to students alphabetically based on each student's last name. Our counseling team consists of the following certified professionals:

To contact our counselors, please visit the EPHS directory (for email addresses and phone numbers) or click their names listed above (for email addresses).

What Services Do We Offer?

Students may see their counselor to assist with a variety of concerns and problems or to discuss future plans and goals. Some areas may include:

  • Problem solving
  • Friendship 
  • Academic improvement
  • Grief and loss
  • Divorce
  • Crisis intervention
  • College planning
  • Career planning

How Can a Student Access Counselor Services?

Students may see their counselor as a result of any of the following actions:

  • Self-referral
  • Request of the counselor
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Teacher or staff referral
  • Referral by friend(s)

To Learn More

For additional information about the EPHS Counseling Office and its services, we invite you to visit the links below. These links include the Naviance login page, the Counseling Office calendar and our Transcript Requests page.