Health Forms

This page contains links to downloadable health forms for District 401 students.

As mandated by Board Policy 7:100, failure to submit required health forms, or to follow through on exemption rules outlined by the Illinois Department of Public Health, will result in the student's exclusion from school until the required forms are presented to the District.

Start with the section below titled Letter to Parents About Student Health Requirements.

Then jump to the Health Form Directory, where you will see expandable rows containing links to the various forms. Click the rows that apply to your child.

Letter to Parents About Student Health Requirements

This letter provides a detailed list of all immunizations, health exams and health forms required of District 401 students from preschool through 12th grade:

For your convenience, this letter is also available to download in single languages: 

Health Form Directory

For links to all necessary forms, click the rows located below that apply to your child.