Pesticide Notification Registry

District 401 maintains a registry of employees, parents, guardians and community members who wish to receive written or telephonic notification two business days before the application of pesticides to District buildings and grounds.

Notifications will be posted on the District website as well as communicated via phone calls, emails and other media.

Prior notice shall not be required if there is an imminent threat to health or property.

To Be Placed on the Registry

If you wish to be added to this registry, please fill out and submit the following online form:

District 401 Pesticide Notification Registry Request Form

Statutory and Policy Compliance

Maintaining this registry is in accordance with the Structural Pest Control Act (225 ILCS 235/), the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act (415 ILCS 65/) and District Policy 4:160.

Pursuant to state law, prior notice shall not be required if there is imminent threat to health or property.

District 401’s Policy on Pesticide Notification

Procedures for handling pesticide notification are governed by District 401’s policy on environmental quality of buildings and grounds, which can be found in Section 4:160 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.

A searchable online version of the Board of Education's complete Policy Manual can be found here.