Photo Gallery: "Once on This Island"

EPHS students perform "Once on This Island"

PHOTO: The peasant girl Ti Moune, played by senior Elizabeth Ruiz-Goranson (left), listens to Asaka, Mother of the Earth, played by freshman Alanis Rivera, in the EPHS production of "Once on This Island." The musical was performed Nov. 1-3. Scroll down this page to see a photo gallery of the production. Click image for larger view (District 401 photo by Dave Porreca).

Audiences filled the school auditorium Nov. 1-3 for three performances of the 2019 Elmwood Park High School Fall Musical, "Once on This Island." 

Mr. Noah Pligge directed and choreographed the show, and Mr. Michael Popplewell served as producer and music director.

Set in the French Antilles in the Caribbean, "Once on This Island" tells the story of a peasant girl, Ti Moune, who falls in love with Daniel, a young man from her island's upper class. 

The EPHS production featured senior Elizabeth Ruiz-Goranson as Ti Moune and senior Kaloyan "Koko" Hristov as Daniel. Zoe Rice, a 7th grader at Elm Middle School, played the dual roles of Little Ti Moune and the Little Girl, who is told the story of Ti Moune.

For more information about the production, including a Q&A with Mr. Pligge, click here.

Senior Matt Hernandez plays the menacing role of Papa Ge, Demon of Death.

PHOTO: Senior Matt Hernandez commands the stage in his role as the menacing Papa Ge, Demon of Death. Click image for larger view (D401 photo by Dave Porreca).

"Once on This Island" | Cast

  • Ti Moune: Elizabeth Ruiz-Goranson
  • Daniel: Koko Hristov
  • Erzulie (Goddess of Love): Nicole Domagala
  • Asaka (Mother of the Earth): Alanis Rivera
  • Agwe (God of Water): Joe Klockenkemper
  • Papa Ge (Demon of Death): Matt Hernandez
  • Mama Euralie (Ti Moune's adoptive mother): Jackie Vargas
  • Tonton Julian (Ti Moune's adoptive father): Quinn Skelly
  • Armand / Daniel’s Father: Kevin McFadden
  • Andrea Devereux / Madame Armand: Adreana Duarte
  • Gatekeeper: Jacob Smith
  • Little Girl / Little Ti Moune: Zoe Rice
  • Dance Captain / Storyteller: Juliet Howard
  • Storytellers: Lucy Afryl, Melanie Arroyo, Jessica Didani, Jay Gallegos, Konnie Kakridas, Kyla Narayan, Lexi Nieves, Isabella Soto, Michelle Soto, Guillermo Oyola, Dounia Timejardine-Zomeño
  • Additional Ensemble: Mark Javier, Mark Klockenkemper, Samuel Perez, Diana Rivero, Victor Sandoval, Magnus Shipinski, Angie Vale

Elizabeth Ruiz-Goranson performs the lead role of Ti Moune in "Once on This Island."

PHOTO: Senior Elizabeth Ruiz-Goranson performs in the lead role of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who falls in love with grand homme Daniel, played by senior Koko Hristov. She saves Daniel's life after his car crashes during a storm. Click image for larger view (D401 photo by Dave Porreca).

"Once on This Island" | Production Staff & Crew

  • Director & Choreographer: Noah Pligge
  • Producer & Music Director: Michael Popplewell
  • Costumer: Susan Schultz
  • Set Construction: Christian Rosenzweig
  • Pit Band: Meredith Olson, piano; Jennifer Aldrich, drum set; Donn DeSanto, bass
  • Stage Manager: Rosie Pontarelli
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Joey Goff
  • Lights: Olivia Dombek, Harmony Velez
  • Sound: Ashley Adams, Hailey Adams, Kevin Ramirez-Gonzalez, Jacob Laufer
  • Follow Spot: Carter Segovia, Melody Velez
  • Makeup / Costume Assistant: Karolina Czerepko, Olivia Naber
  • Run Crew: Isabelle Cruz, Ellie Johnson, Danielle Mihalo, Kamil Musial, Anita Nowakowska, Jacob Peralta, Lety Vega
  • Build Crew: Ashley Adams, Hailey Adams, Alyssa Bartolome, Adam Bischoff, Karolina Czerepko, Isabelle Cruz, Olivia Dombek, Danielle Dunn, Alexander Flores, Kristina Gazivoda, Timisha Glass, Jasmin Gomez, Brandon Hernandez, Ellie Johnson, Jacob Laufer, Evelyn Martinez, Oliwia Maziarz, Mikee Medrano, Vincenzo Melick, Danielle Mihalo, Kamil Musial, Anita Nowakowska, Christopher Pena, Jacob Peralta, Delilah Quintanar, Kevin Ramirez-Gonzalez, Alynamarie Robinson, Carter Segovia, Lizbeth Serrano, Melany Terraza, Will Valiente, Giliana Vega, Lety Vega, Harmony Velez, Melody Velez, Katherine Veliz, Diana Wittrock

NOTE: To view the following photos in a slideshow format, click any of the pictures below. All photos are by Dave Porreca, D401 web/media specialist.