Statewide Recognition: EPHS Seniors Honored as Illinois State Scholars

Statewide Recognition: EPHS Seniors Honored as Illinois State Scholars

PHOTO: EPHS's new Illinois State Scholars pose for a group picture. (Not all were able to attend.) Scroll down for a larger version.

Twenty-four EPHS seniors have been named 2018-19 Illinois State Scholars in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.

The honor, conferred by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), goes each year to those students who rank in the top 10 percent of the state’s high school graduating seniors.

Last year, 18 EPHS seniors received the honor.

State rankings are based on a combination of ACT or SAT test scores, class rank at the end of the sixth semester, class size and unweighted grade point average (GPA). Detailed information about how Illinois State Scholars are selected is available here at the ISAC website. 

While the program does not provide a monetary award, the designation as an Illinois State Scholar can be listed on applications for college admission and scholarships.

Congratulations to the following members of the EPHS Class of 2018:

► Natalie Alvarado
► Sarah Ashby
► Robert Bibrowicz
► Christian Caballero
► Frida Cabrera
► Sarai Camacho
► Justin Capule
► Sarah Coleman
► Sebastian Corral
► Julian Delgado
► Christopher Grimpe
► Nikolai Hristov
► Thomas Lach
► Michael Matos
► Lauren Mendoza
► Patrick Mendoza
► Talia Nuzzo
► Elma Rama
► Olsi Rama
► Daniela Salgado
► Devon Schumann
► Nima Shafikhani
► Daniel Spathies
► Mitchell Wojcik

EPHS seniors who were named Illinois State Scholars gather in the school's amphitheater for a group photo.

PHOTO: Seventeen of the 24 EPHS seniors who were named 2018-19 Illinois State Scholars recently assembled for a group picture in the school amphitheater. See above for a complete listing of the honorees. District 401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

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