EPHS Athletic Director Joins Elite Ranks with National Certification

EPHS Athletic Director Doug Noyes

EPHS Athletic Director Mr. Douglas Noyes recently earned national certification from the NIAAA, the country's top organization for athletic administrators. (District 401 photo by Dave Porreca)

Elmwood Park High School's athletic director, Mr. Douglas Noyes, has been recognized as a Certified Athletic Administrator by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA).

To earn this distinction Mr. Noyes had to demonstrate the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the field of interscholastic athletic administration.

The voluntary certification process, which Mr. Noyes pursued on his own initiative, included a thorough evaluation of his educational background, experience and professional contributions. The process also included rigorous and comprehensive written examination.

"After being AD for 12 years and becoming more involved with the association, I thought it was a good point for me in my career [to pursue NIAAA certification]," Mr. Noyes said. "It was good. It was a way to challenge myself."

By earning NIAAA certification, Mr. Noyes joins an elite group of interscholastic athletic administrators nationwide who have attained this level of professionalism.

According to the NIAAA, the certification program's objectives are: 

  • To promote the professional standards, practices and ethics of athletic administration
  • To encourage administrator self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement
  • To improve administrator performance by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional growth and development
  • To identify levels of educational training essential for effective athletic administration
  • To foster professional contributions to the field
  • To maximize the benefits received by the school community from the leadership provided by certified athletic administrators

The NIAAA is a national professional organization consisting of all 50 state athletic administrator associations and more than 10,000 individual members.

Based in Indianapolis, the organization is dedicated to promoting the professional growth of high school athletic administrators and preserving the educational nature of interscholastic athletics and the place of these programs in the secondary school curriculum.

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