Photo Gallery: Fall '17 ECC Open House

Two female ECC students hug while looking at the camera during the Sept. 13 Open House.

PHOTO: ECC hallways and classrooms were filled with smiling faces during the school's recent Open House. District 401 photo by Dave Porreca. (Click for larger view.)

The Early Childhood Center's Fall 2017 Open House took place Wednesday, Sept. 13, as parents met their children's teachers and learned about the school's courses and expectations. Students were also welcome to attend — and many did, participating in a variety of activities!

The event was an informal affair, with faculty members interacting with parents and students in the ECC's classroom and hallways. Attendees could also meet Principal Ms. Joanne Mourikes Rice. Thanks to all for a great evening!

NOTE: To view the following photos in a slideshow format, click any of the pictures. All photos are by Dave Porreca, D401 web/media specialist.