Photo Gallery: Fall Play 2021 Takes the Stage — "She Kills Monsters"

Fall play backstage

PHOTO: Senior Lucianna Afryl gets ready for her role as Lilith/Lilly with the help of cosmetology students from the Technical Center of DuPage, which EPHS has partnered with in its College & Career Pathways program. District 401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

Many hours of hard work paid off for cast and crew members when the Elmwood Park High School production of "She Kills Monsters" was performed in front of enthusiastic audiences during Halloween weekend Oct. 29-31. The show marked the first EPHS in-person theatrical performance for the public since March 2020.

Noah Pligge directed the play. Grant McEachern was the show's producer and technical director. Sue Schultz was costumer.

For an interview with Mr. Pligge and Mr. McEachern, please visit this page.

Spotlight crew at the opening night performance of "She Kills Monsters"

PHOTO: Crew members senior Jacob Peralta and junior Harmony Velez are ready to operate the spotlight as the minutes count down to the opening night performance of "She Kills Monsters" on Oct. 29. District 401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

The play — a drama/comedy by Qui Nguyen — tells the story of Agnes (junior Alanis Rivera) coming to terms with the loss of her younger sister, Tilly (senior Michelle Soto). 

After Tilly dies in a car crash, Agnes reads a notebook that her sister left behind and realizes how little she knew about her. This includes Tilly's love of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and the fact that she had a girlfriend. Agnes is guided through the unfamiliar world of D&D by Chuck (senior Magnus Shipinski), a friend of Tilly's and Dungeon Master for the game.

Congratulations to cast and crew on a great return to live performances for the EPHS theater program! To see cast and crew lists as well as a photo gallery of "She Kills Monsters" performed at dress rehearsal, scroll down this page or use these links for quick access:

Fall play dress rehearsal

PHOTO: Junior Alanis Rivera (left) portrays Agnes and senior Michelle Soto plays her sister, Tilly, in "She Kills Monsters." District 401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

"She Kills Monsters" | Cast

  • Agnes: Alanis Rivera (11th)
  • Tilly: Michelle Soto (12th)
  • Chuck: Magnus Shipinski (12th)
  • Miles: Dounia Timejardine-Zomeno (11th)
  • Kaliope/Kelly: Jess Didani (12th)
  • Lilith/Lilly: Lucianna Afryl (12th)
  • Vera/The Beholder: Teegan Walsh (11th)
  • Orcus/Ronnie: Mark Klockenkemper (12th)
  • Narrator: Bella Butler (9th)
  • Evil Gabbi: Delilah Quintanar (12th)
  • Evil Tina: Mia Lockwood (9th)
  • Farrah the Faerie: Da’Nyla Walker (10th)
  • Steve: Mark Javier (12th)
  • Ensemble: Avery Ali (12th), Angelina Melling (11th), Zoe Rice (9th), Michael Rominski (10th), Olivia Shipinski (9th)

"She Kills Monsters" | Crew

  • Stage Manager: Joey Goff (12th)
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Lizbeth Serrano (12th)
  • Makeup & Hair: Technical Center of DuPage Cosmetology School
  • Stage Crew: Francisco Aguilar (10th), Jamie Boch (9th), Ellie Johnson (11th), Danielle Mihalo (12th), Xiomara Nieto (9th), Samuel Perez (12th)
  • Graphic Design: Emilio Barajas (12th)
  • Projections: Jestin Nieto-Brown (11th), Lety Vega (11th)
  • Spotlight: Jacob Peralta (12th), Harmony Velez (11th)
  • Sound: Jacob Laufer (11th), Toni Nunez (9th), Kevin Ramirez-Gonzalez (12th)
  • Lights: Olivia Dombek (11th), Sofia Narozhanska (9th)
  • Set Building & Props Crew: Francisco Aguilar (10th), Emilio Barajas (12th), Adam Bischoff (12th), Jamie Boch (9th), Bella Butler (9th), Evan Bylina (12th), Mya Calderon (12th), Alexie Cardona (9th), Jack Craig (11th), Elisabetta Cruz (10th), Uriel Delgado (12th), Olivia Dombek (11th), Lyla Esparza (9th), George Gauthier (12th), Joevan Guerrero (12th), Enrique Hernandez (12th), Mark Javier (12th), Ellie Johnson (11th), Jacob Laufer (11th), Danielle Mihalo (12th), Kacper Mikolon (9th), Jason Moerlien (12th), Izabella Molina (9th), Marco Mondragon (11th), Alex Musial (10th), Kamil Musial (12th), Sofia Narozhanska (9th), Xiomara Nieto (9th), Jestin Nieto-Brown (11th), Toni Nunez (9th), Jacob Peralta (12th), Samuel Perez (12th), Kevin Ramirez-Gonzalez (12th), Giovanni Rodriguez (9th), Sophia Rodriguez (9th), Victor Sandoval (12th), Kayla Solano (11th), Caty Vega (9th), Lety Vega (11th), Laila Velasquez (9th), Harmony Velez (11th), Perseis Walls (9th), Divina Zamudio (9th)

"She Kills Monsters" | Photos

NOTE: The following photos were taken at the Oct. 27 evening dress rehearsal of "She Kills Monsters." Please note that cast member Mia Lockwood (Evil Tina) was unable to attend the rehearsal and is not pictured. To view the gallery as a slideshow, click any of the photos. Each picture is downloadable. All photos are by Dave Porreca, District 401 web/media specialist.