CrisisGo & COVID Safety Protocols

IF YOU ARE A NON-STUDENT OR NON-STAFF VISITOR: You must certify your health status before entering our buildings. Please click here for the self-certification form or scroll down to the section titled Visitor Pre-Visit Self-Certification.

FOR ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: If you are looking for additional resources about CrisisGo and our COVID-19 safety protocols, please scroll down to the bottom of this page or see the navigation column at left.

To support the health and safety of our schools as we move into our new phase of hybrid learning, District 401 has implemented the CrisisGo health and safety certification system.

Each school day, parents and guardians of students who are registered for hybrid learning will receive an email at 6 a.m. This email will contain a link to an online form that asks four questions related to the health of your student. The answers to those questions will determine whether your student may enter school that day or must remain at home for remote learning.

The following "at a glance" chart for District 401 families describes the role of CrisisGo in this process. A similar chart outlining the process for D401 staff is available here.

At a Glance: CrisisGo Health Certification

COVID Safety Protocols

Explanatory Video: How to Use CrisisGo

Visitor Pre-Visit Self-Certification

All visitors must certify their health status before entering our buildings. If you are neither a student nor a staff member, please fill out and submit the following online form before you visit:

Self-Certification Form for Visitors to District 401

CrisisGo Emails

Parents who opted for hybrid learning received their first daily CrisisGo email the day prior to their student(s) returning to school. This first email was a sample so you could gain familiarity with the platform.

  • For parents with hybrid learners returning to school on Tuesday, Jan. 19, you received your test email on Monday, Jan. 18.
  • For parents with hybrid learners returning to school on Monday, Jan. 25, you received your test email on Friday, Jan. 22.

If your student remained in remote learning, you did not receive the CrisisGo emails. Daily CrisisGo emails will only be sent to families who opted for hybrid learning.

CrisisGo Procedures

  • Please complete the health certification for your student every morning before their arrival to school.
  • The health safety check can be done through a web browser with the daily link sent to your email, or it can be done through the CrisisGo mobile app.
  • Your student will receive an ID that will be scanned each morning alongside having their temperature taken at school entryways.
  • If you answer "yes" to any of the three screening questions for your student, please keep them home and contact your building attendance clerk. Your student will be temporarily returned to remote learning until they are cleared for return to hybrid learning.

If Screening Questions Are Not Completed

If the CrisisGo screening questions are not completed when the student enters the building, the student will be brought to a dedicated isolation space, where the student will participate in remote learning until the school can contact a parent/guardian.

The school will have the parent/guardian certify the health status of the student, at which time the student will be allowed to rejoin their regular schedule.

Additional Resources

For more information about protocols and procedures, please see the following documents:

COVID Infection Protocol Guide | District 401
► COVID Symptom Screening Flowchart for Students | CDC
► Exclusion Decision Tree for Symptomatic Individuals | IDPH
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