Technology Support

Walk-up tech support ended on June 9, 2021, the final day of school for 2020-21, and is not being offered during summer 2021. 

If you are attending a summer course and are experiencing difficulties with your school-issued Chromebook, please try the actions listed below under Troubleshooting Tips. For additional help, email and provide a description of what is happening.

If you need a hotspot mobile internet device, please see Hotspot Application below.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are several troubleshooting tips for working with your Chromebooks:

Due to the heavy volume of Google Classroom usage, there may be times that there is a delay in things loading. Unfortunately, that is beyond our control and you may have to refresh your screen or try again later. Everyone's home internet connection is different so some issues may arise from slow loading times.

For Chromebook hardware issues, the first thing to try is to power down your Chromebook with the power button or the power off icon when you click on the clock. Then press and hold the refresh key (top row key with an arrow in a circular shape) while powering on the device.

For browser issues, try clearing the Browser Cache. Press Ctrl-Shift-Backspace. Select All Time, and Clear Cache. You should then try opening the curriculum resources again.

For charging issues, see if the charging light is on. If not, keep everything plugged in and disconnect the cord to the power brick and reconnect.

If these fail to correct your problem, send an email to

Hotspot Application

Please use the following online form if you are in need of a hotspot mobile internet device:

The hotspots will be distributed to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Please also be aware of special pricing through Comcast for families. More information can be found on our website here: