Principal's Message

By Mr. Frank Kuzniewski, John Mills Elementary School Principal

Frank Kuzniewski at the Tower Bridge in London.

PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Kuzniewski's welcome message for 2021-22 will be posted here soon.

It remains a privilege to serve this incredible community rich in pride, tradition and educational progress.

If you are new to the Trojan family as we enter the 2020-21 school year, be comforted in knowing you are embraced by an incomparable culture of welcoming. Our educators, parents, community members and students are devoted to unlocking potential and igniting lifelong learning.

The success of John Mills Elementary School is found in the many who continue to serve to extend its exceptional reputation as we journey ahead together to shape our future. Therefore, you will hear us say "#onwardtrojans" and "#bettertogether."

Here at John Mills we hold great importance in:

    As individuals we strive to help every child with every need but serve them more fully as an educational community. When we work as a team we provide every student with greater opportunities for success through daily instructional delivery, targeted interventions and opportunities for enrichment.
    Every student at John Mills has teachers advocate for them and provide endless, high-level learning opportunities. This year we will provide both interventions and enrichment opportunities for all students so they matriculate through our system readied, capable and confident.
    We view all growth as success. We have a faculty and staff that celebrates every accomplishment, recognizing development in all varieties as vital in creating a well-rounded person. While we often focus on the learning of our students, District 401 also values the growth of staff and faculty. Many of our teachers as well as our building administration at John Mills have taken advantage of professional development opportunities to enhance our instructional and leadership practices. We continue to grow to model learning as endless and ever necessary in the 21st century.

These areas of collaboration, concern and growth highlight our endless pursuit toward excellence. It is what our students and their parents deserve.

Remember to follow John Mills on Twitter @jm401_trojans and District 401 @epcusd401.

With Trojan Pride,

Mr. Frank Kuzniewski