Student Handbooks

Within the parameters set by the Board of Education, each District 401 school has established rules, policies and procedures specific to its own requirements and circumstances. These can be found in each school's respective student handbook.

Downloadable PDFs of Our Student Handbooks

John Mills Elementary School Student Handbook | 2020-21
Elmwood Elementary School Student Handbook | 2020-21
Elm Middle School Student Handbook | 2020-21
Elmwood Park High School Student Handbook | 2020-21

Handbook Overview

Student handbooks cover topics ranging from homework and grading to student behavior in and out of the classroom. 

Parents and students are expected to be aware of and abide by the contents of their school's handbook as well as the rules and guidelines of all applicable District 401 policies

After reviewing their respective handbook, every student and parent/guardian must review, sign and submit a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet

A full explanation of the sign-off requirement can be found here and on our District Policies for Student Handbooks page.

For More Information

To learn more about District 401's student handbooks, we invite you to visit the links below.

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