Supply List | 2020-21

Students at John Mills Elementary School are required to have all supplies specified by their teachers.

The 2020-21 supply list for John Mills grades K-5 is available at the following link:

► Supply List | Grades K-5 | 2020-21

All supplies must be purchased by the first day of school — Monday, Aug. 31, 2020.

Notes About School Supplies

The following notes apply to all John Mills students regardless of grade: 

► Please keep a set of supplies at home for homework projects.
► Please put your child's name on all supplies.
► These supplies will need to be replaced as needed.

How to Buy Your Supplies Online

PLEASE NOTE: The following information pertains to ordering 2019-20 supplies online. We will post information about ordering 2020-21 supplies as soon as details become available.

You can order your child's John Mills supply pack through Educational Products Inc. (EPI) thanks to the John Mills PTA, which is sponsoring this program.

Purchase your supplies online starting now through June 14.

To order, follow these steps:

► Go to
► Enter the John Mills School ID: JOH188 (three letters/three numbers)
► Follow the directions to complete your order.
► Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.

Orders will be delivered to your home address the week of July 31 via UPS. 

Please note that if your child will be entering 6th grade, all 6th graders are required to have a combination lock and a Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator (Tl30XA).

These items are not included in the EPI supply packs. Locks and calculators are sold separately as add-ons. See the flyer at the bottom of this page for the cost of each.

If you have questions about ordering your supplies online, please contact Jenny Craig at:


Additional details are available in the flyer below. Click the image for a downloadable PDF.

John Mills school supply ordering flyer