Parent Self-Assessment Checklist

We all know parental involvement is crucial to how well students do at school, but what specific actions can parents take to help their children? The following checklist provides a guide.


► I stress the importance of education and doing well in school.
► I believe in my child's ability to do well in school.
► I help my child set short- and long-term educational goals.
► I make sure our family celebrates academic successes.


► I support my child's reading with activities at home.
► I make sure my child has a consistent time and place to do homework.
► I talk to my child about his or her schoolwork.


► I monitor what my child watches on television.
► I expect my child to be respectful of teachers, work hard and be responsible.
► I read the school handbook and enforce school behavioral expectations.

Building Responsibility

► I make sure my child has a nutritious breakfast each morning.
► I make sure my child has a regular routine that includes time to complete homework.
► I promote my child's participation in extracurricular and after-school activities.
► I make sure my child attends school and is on time every day.

School-Home Connections

► I communicate regularly with my child's teacher.
► I respond promptly to the school's request for information.
► I attend teacher conferences and other meetings to help my child succeed in school.
► I attend curriculum nights, plays, musicals and other school activities.
► I volunteer in the school setting when possible.