English Language Arts

Students receive instruction in English language arts throughout each of their six years at John Mills Elementary School.

In grades 1-3, our teachers provide students with approximately 400 minutes of ELA instruction each week. In grades 4-6, students receive approximately 300 minutes of weekly instruction.

Our curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards for English language arts, an overview of which can be found here.

We base our reading curriculum on Journeys: A Path to Balanced Literacy, a guided-reading approach compliant with all applicable Common Core standards.

Our writing curriculum uses the state-of-the-art Units of Study materials developed by Prof. Lucy Calkins and her colleagues at the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. These materials are organized around the three types of writing mandated by the Common Core: opinion, information and narrative writing.

By the time our students reach 6th grade, they are ready to incorporate writing across all subject areas.