Students take mathematics throughout each of their six years at John Mills Elementary School.

Regardless of grade level, our students receive approximately 300 minutes of math instruction each week.

Our teaching is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, an overview of which can be found here.

We base our curriculum for grades 1-5 on Math Trailblazers, a comprehensive, research-based program that emphasizes the real-world application of math content and procedures.

By guiding students in hands-on problem-solving experiments, our teachers create an active learning environment that leads to both an understanding of mathematical concepts and an appreciation of math’s relevance in daily life.

In 6th grade our instruction is based on Connected Mathematics, which our students will continue to use when they go to Elm Middle School. 

With Connected Mathematics, students learn how to make sense of increasingly sophisticated problems and to persevere in solving them.

The problems they work on are designed so students can see and make connections — not just between mathematical concepts, but between math and other subject areas and between math and real-world settings.