Library Services

The John Mills Elementary School Library is open each weekday during the school year. To see our schedule, click here.

John Mills' library clerk is Ms. Catherine Catalano, who can be reached by email at this address or by using this contact form.

How We Help Students

The John Mills Library begins a student’s introduction to library services, including the use of technology and research databases.

Our broad selection of picture books helps early learners develop their reading skills through context and exposure to engaging stories. Our reading programs bolster their confidence and support their efforts to become proficient readers and lifelong learners.

More advanced readers have access to award-winning series and the most popular fiction stories in the market today.

Classes use our computer labs and laptops. By learning how to research topics using the World Book database and other online resources, students form the fundamental research skills needed for academic success in middle and high school.

To Find a Title or Resource

If you are looking for a book or other resource in our library, please use these links:

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► Featured Titles & Resources

If you want to explore other school libraries in our District, please use this link:

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Checkout Policy

Students are permitted to check out two books or other library items at a time.

Lost Material Policy

If library material is lost, parents will be charged according to the following fee schedule:

► Juvenile Paperback
► Juvenile Hardcover
► Young Adult Fiction Paperback
► Young Adult Fiction Hardcover
► Young Adult Nonfiction Paperback
► Young Adult Nonfiction Hardcover
► Magazine
► Reference

Actual replacement cost

District 401's Policy on Library Services

John Mills' library operations are governed by District 401's policy on library media programs, which can be found in Section 6:230 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual:  

The Superintendent or designee shall manage the District's library media program to comply with (1) State law and Illinois State Board of Education rule and (2) the following standards:

  1. The program includes an organized collection of resources available to students and staff to supplement classroom instruction, foster reading for pleasure, enhance information literacy, and support research, as appropriate to students of all abilities in the grade levels served.
  2. Financial resources for the program's resources and supplies are allocated to meet students' needs.
  3. Students in all grades served have equitable access to library media resources.
  4. The advice of an individual who is qualified according to ISBE rule is sought regarding the overall direction of the program, including the selection and organization of materials, provision of instruction in information and technology literacy, and structuring the work of library paraprofessionals.
  5. Staff members are invited to recommend additions to the collection.
  6. Students may freely select resource center materials as well as receive guided selection of materials appropriate to specific, planned learning experiences.

A searchable version of the complete District Policy Manual can be found here.