Photo Gallery: All Kinds of 1st-Grade Kinds

John Mills students, faculty and parents sit in the gym ready to watch the "All Kinds of Kinds" video.

PHOTO: John Mills students, faculty and parents gather for a showing of the school's "All Kinds of Kinds" video on Friday, Oct. 27. Click here to watch the video. District 401 photo by Jessica Iovinelli (click image for a larger view). 

The following photo gallery features John Mills 1st-grade students displaying their contributions to District 401's "All Kinds of Kinds" project. Click here to watch the companion video, "All Kinds of Kinds 2017," which includes John Mills students and staff from all grade levels.

Inspired by North Park (N.Y.) Junior High School's project of the same name, "All Kinds of Kinds" supports the District's belief in the importance of Social and Emotional Learning and the value of celebrating diversity, respecting people's differences and promoting pride among our students.

John Mills students and staff participated by completing an activity and lesson in which they determined what "Kind of Kind" they were. They prepared signs declaring their "kind," which they displayed in still photos and a companion video. The video featured Miranda Lambert's "All Kinds of Kind" song as the soundtrack.

The photos were then hung around the school, and the video was played at an all-school assembly on Friday, Oct. 27.

Students and staff from Elmwood Elementary School also took part in the project with their own multimedia contributions.

Thanks to everyone for participating and making this project such a success!

NOTE: To view the following photos in a slideshow format, click any of the pictures below. Click here to watch the companion video, "All Kinds of Kinds 2017." All photos are by Ms. Jessica IovinelliD401 instructional technology coordinator. The gallery was prepared and edited by D401 web/media specialist Dave Porreca.