Photo Gallery: Learning About STEMscopes

District 401 students participate in a breakout session at the STEMscopes Parent & Community Event held Feb. 6 at Elm Middle School.

PHOTO: Students participate in a breakout session at the STEMscopes Parent & Community Event held Feb. 6 at Elm Middle School. District 401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image for larger view).

More than 100 parents and students turned out for District 401's STEMscopes Parent & Community Night, held Tuesday, Feb. 6, at Elm Middle School.

The event, organized by Title I Coordinator/Reading Director Ms. Anne Hufnus and led by Elmwood Elementary School science and math teacher Ms. Morgan Freeck, gave attendees a chance to learn more about the District's science curriculum for grades K-8.

Elmwood teacher Ms. Morgan Freeck gives a slide presentation about STEMscopes.

PHOTO: Elmwood science and math teacher Ms. Morgan Freeck presents an overview of STEMscopes at the District's Feb. 6 event. D401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image to enlarge).

More specifically, the event focused on STEMscopes, D401's standards-based curriculum that teaches science through hands-on exploration and inquiry.

After everyone enjoyed a pizza dinner, Ms. Freeck presented an overview of STEMscopes. Her slide presentation, which is available here for downloading, highlighted the curriculum's "5E+IA" instructional model:

► Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate
► Intervention and Acceleration

Attendees then went to grade-level breakout sessions, where parents watched as their students engaged in STEMscopes learning activities.

Elm students build a balloon car.

PHOTO: Elm Middle School students build a balloon car during a breakout session about changes in motion, force and direction. D401 photo by Dave Porreca (click image to enlarge).

"I was happily astonished by the large number of families who came out to learn about STEMscopes," Ms. Freeck said. 

"The purpose of the event was to educate our community on science education and give parents a chance to ​observe their children engag​ing, explor​ing and explain​ing​​ within a STEMscopes lesson. I feel that we did just that! I especially enjoyed seeing ​the middle school students and their parents take part in a balloon-car building challenge [see photo of students above]. Their creativity and ingenuity was inspiring!"

Thanks to everybody who attended our STEMscopes event to learn more about how our District is serving the educational needs of our students.

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NOTE: To view the following photos in a slideshow format, click any of the pictures below. All photos are by Dave Porreca, D401 web/media specialist.